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Port-Cros, the pearl of the Iles d'Or



This day trip sees a naturalist guide take you into the heart of the historical Port-Cros park, a haven for protected wildlife, with an all-encompassing look at the site: flora, fauna, geology, ecology and the unique relationship between protected nature and mankind. The route from the village leads to Fort de l’Estissac. You'll then take the plant path to reach Palud Beach for a picnic and a dip in the crystal-clear water if you fancy it. Next you'll go to Notre-Dame Valley before going up to Fort de la Vigie with its fabulous views of La Gabinière Island before going back down through Solitude Valley. Every step is a chance to observe and discuss the natural wealth and cultural importance of this incredible site. You'll learn about the history of the island, the Henry family's dominant role, the arrival of authors who made it their home, the foundation of the National Park and its projects.

Plant lovers will enjoy exploring their diversity and different uses: medicinal and edible. Learn the secrets behind endemic species such as germander speedwell, Mediterranean broom and the extensive orchid family. Your guide will introduce you to over 200 species of insect and spider that call the island home. During your tour you'll see birds such as the peregrine falcon, the fastest in the world, and by the sea you'll spot sea species such as posidonia and learn about the key role they play in maintaining balance in the ocean's ecosystem.

Practical information

Bring cash for the ferry from Saint-Pierre Port in Hyères or Le Lavandou Port (1 hr) and parking for the day

Walk time and elevation: 3.5 hr - 349m

Difficulty: medium

Period: all year

Suitable for: families, adults, schools

Excursion for groups only.

Day package price: 330 €.

The cost of parking for the day and the picnic are not included in the price.
Substitute naturalist guide: Denis Huin.