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Nature and culture in Porquerolles



This naturalist day trip takes you beyond the picture-perfect Porquerolles island with its turquoise water and white sandy beaches.

It unveils incredible nature where flora and fauna have been bound to man's existence since Antiquity. During your walk you'll learn the history of the island from Roman times that have left their mark. Step into the 16th century when you reach Fort Sainte-Agathe which you can visit because of your guide's Park Ambassador status! The island's history ties in with the life of François-Joseph Fournier who bought Porquerolles in 1912 and was behind countless projects such as developing wine and fruit growing. You'll also learn about the foundation of the national botanical conservatory in 1979 with its plant collections that aim to protect the Mediterranean's wild and domestic plants.

You're greeted by a stunning panorama of sheer cliffs opening onto the big blue and clear depths on the wild south coast. On the way you'll hear about flora and fauna as you cross paths with your subjects: insects, Hermann's tortoise, birds like puffins and gulls, plants like serapias (terrestrial orchids) and red valerian etc. Vineyards still take pride of place in Porquerolles with three wineries on the island that bottle a unique terroir.

Then there's the water and its cycle based on the idea of lagooning, natural water recycling to water the orchards. The walk will take you from the port to the Gorges du Loup on the south coast through the vineyards and scrubland. You'll take the path over the ridges and Mont de Tielo to reach the Brégançonnet calanque for a picnic and to enjoy its crystal-clear water before heading back along the north coast via Argent Beach and the botanical conservatory.

Practical information

Bring money for the crossing (15 min) from the Tour Fondue port in Hyères and car park for the day.

Walk time and elevation: 3.5 hr - 289m

Difficulty: medium

Period: all year

Suitable for: families, adults, schools

Excursion for groups only.

Day package price: 330 €.

Picnic not included.