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Passport to discover the coastal wonders



The "Discovery Passport" break uncovers Le Pradet's treasures and is based at the Mas de l'Artaude, a fabulous 2ha property with sea views.

Children can walk to Oursinières Port to start their adventure exploring the coast, its natural treasures and activities about the sea and its inhabitants. They'll learn to get their bearings using a map and interrogate people working at the fairing area, port captain and old-timers playing boules to learn more about the site, boat types and sailing. The shellfish gathering trip on Garonne Beach helps you identify the sea creatures that live in the rocks and observe their behaviour. As for flora, games teach them to recognise the different Mediterranean trees and plants, guess species from their smell or spot natural elements (sand, pebbles, bark etc.) by touch on a sensory trail. The programme also includes a Land Art workshop on the beach, a day trip on the fire-ravaged Colle Noire's restoration trail where nature is gradually regenerating and eco-citizen activities to gain awareness about how fragile our planet is.

Let's not forget the highlight of the stay: a trip to the Cap Garonne Mine. An exciting tour with videos and presentations exploring the entire history of the mine, living conditions, the site's incredible mineral wealth that we will be able to see and the collection of semi-precious stones.

All these activities are designed to teach children to respect the environment and community life.

Goal: take time to observe, test the water and soak up the local setting... This 5-day stay is mainly designed for key stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Practical information

Suitable for

School children (primary and secondary)


Quote based on activities




5 days, 4 nights


10 classes. Please ask about nursery groups.


The Mas de l'Artaude has 7 buildings. Rooms with 4-6 beds; 4 dining rooms, an outdoor terrace with sea views, 10 function rooms for activities. Pool (paddling pool). Playground, leafy park.