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"Sustainable coast" stay



This stay is designed for nursery to college students, primarily for preschool-keystage 2 pupils, and takes place at the exceptional Mas de l’Artaude in Le Pradet, owned by the Ardèche FOL (Secular Project Federation) for 65 years.

The "sustainable coast" stay is based on using fun-filled activities to experience the coast's flora and fauna. Children go down to Garonne beach to learn about sealife and collect (following environmental rules) crabs, urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers and more to observe their behaviour before they put them back in the water.

They learn about flora through play. Everyone can recognise the site's species: mimosa, cherry blossom, fig tree and the Smurfs' favourite rough bindweed, then answer questions about the trees and learn the history of cypress trees dating back to Egyptian times. The adventure includes a scent game where you have to match each plant to its fragrance and a sensory game where you walk barefoot over nine natural elements which you have to guess.

Also on the agenda: a salt mine walk with the Society for the Protection of Birds to observe the species, learn the history of salt and take part in a Land Art workshop on the beach and forest. You'll learn to understand the landscape during a walk on the Colle Noire with fabulous views of the Giens peninsula's double tombolo and the islands.

You'll learn about the impact of human activity on the planet by calculating your carbon footprint through play.

This eco-citizenship and environmental knowledge approach also includes a theatre workshop, drawing sessions and a port investigation where children interrogate sailing and local professionals whilst honing their sense of direction.

Practical information

Suitable for

School children (primary and secondary)


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5 days, 4 nights


10 classes. Please ask about nursery groups.


The Mas de l'Artaude has seven buildings. Rooms with 4-6 beds; 4 dining rooms, an outdoor terrace with sea views, 10 function rooms for activities. Pool (paddling pool), playground, leafy park. View of the Garonne Bay. Communal kitchen. On-site catering.


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