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Flora, fauna and geology: Cap Garonne in all its glory



This 2.5 hour tour introduces you to the Cap Garonne's unique geology and the flora living in this one-of-a-kind setting. The mountain range you'll cover has two specific geological layers. One is from the end of the Paleozoic Era and the other is from the start of the Mesozoic Era. You'll be able to see it very clearly with your geology enthusiast guide's help: copper has appeared between these two layers on the site.

He will of course discuss the mine's history based on external features bearing withness to its existence. The magnifying glasses you'll be given will give you a closer look at the rocks and the completely original minerals that have seen the Cap Garonne mine ranked 5th in the world in terms of the number of mineral species. No fewer than 130 have been found on the site.
You'll learn about the unique plant species that have thrived in this mineral environment such as Le Pradet thrift and Kerry lily which are rare in Provence.

This educational tour runs along a trail around the mine starting at the Pas des Guardéens and leading into the old tunnels. Further along you'll see a giant fossil stromatolite and gaze at staggering views of the Giens peninsula and Toulon harbour. A snapshot of the forest cover affected by the 2005 Colle Noire fire will provide an insight into how vegetation adapts to fire.

Practical information

Suitable for

Groups of adults and children (7-12 year olds)
Schoolchildren from year 5 to 13.


All year, on request


230 € per group (max. 25 people)


2.5 hours


Easy hike


Flat shoes, water, sun protection. Camera.
Information and observation tools provided


English, French


This service is only available with the National Park's ambassador guides. In this case:
Vincent Blondel, naturalist guide, Denis Huin, naturalist guide
Marjorie Ughetto, naturalist guide