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Salt, a source of life and wealth



The Salins d’Hyères (Pesquiers and Vieux-Salins) are part of a land that's as rich as it is diverse in terms of natural and cultural heritage. They functioned until 1995 and present biological features and incredible scenery on the Mediterranean.

The Salin des Pesquiers that you'll visit runs between the Giens double tombolo, a very unusual formation of shale ground whose environmental interest has seen it listed as a Natura 2000 area.

The tour suitable for all ages introduces visitors to the alchemy between the sea, lagoons, radiant sun and mistral to produce salt.

That makes the site a rare example of a traditional trade that was based on bygone salt workers' expertise. You'll hear about the workers' battle against the elements in search of precious, nourishing yet corrosive salt that created a unique culture in this part of town.

Since the last owners left, nature has taken over and created a perfect haven for migrating birds: ducks, flamingoes and other waders. You can see these birds flying free in their habitat whether they be nesting, winter, migratory or sedentary birds.

A trip to this Coastal Conservatory property and mosaic of aquatic ecosystems, also listed as a Natura 2000 site, whisks you away to Hyères' past that is still deeply marked by a trade that sculpted its scenery and built its business.

Practical information

Suitable for

Adults, families, seniors, disabled people (any disability)


Autumn, winter and spring


14€ per person


1.5 hours


Very easy to easy, subject to participants


Flat shoes, water, sun protection. Camera.
Documentation (pdf) and binoculars provided


French, English, Spanish


Min. 10 people


This service is only available with the National Park's ambassador guides. In this case:
Jérôme Vian, tour guide (00 33) (0)6 44 27 98 31
Charlotte Grégoire de Bollemont, tour guide (00 33) (0)6 14 90 89 55
Sandrine Masachs, tour guide (00 33) (0)