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In the south of the Massif central, the riches and biodiversity of the Cévennes National Park unfold in the full range of its exceptional landscapes of rocky massifs, valleys and gorges, and broad expanses of forest and open land!

A land of medium-high mountains straddling the departments Lozère, Gard and Ardèche, the Cévennes are both a haven of peace and an area of constantly changing activities. Whether athletic, nature-based or contemplative, they adapt to the place.

The heart of the Cévenol valleys, with their chestnut trees and Holm Oak, terraces and dry-stone walls, is a haven for the Beaver, the Otter and the Salamander… and an ideal destination for biodiversity-lovers.

The pastures of Mont Lozère, on the other hand are home to both sedentary and transhumant herds in a granitic landscape that has – did you know? – the second highest density of menhirs in France and fields of narcissi as far as they eye can see.

Mont Aigoual and its vast expanses attract young and old for its sporting and leisure activities throughout all four seasons!

As for lovers of white-water sports, swimming, and also fishing, they will find what they’re looking for in the Tarn Gorges, which wind their way through the high limestone plateau of Causse Méjean.

A wild land for lovers of peace and quiet, the Cévennes are full of unexpected secrets that enthusiastic local inhabitants will enable you to discover by way of the paths, both by day and by night, under a starry sky!

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Sandra Bérénice Michel
Sandra Bérénice Michel
"Atmosphère sauvage" 

A few words: Through my photography course, people learn to see nature better, its animal and plant life. I am fond of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Cévennes. The brand therefore corresponds to the values I wish to convey through this outing.

Cévennes National Park is:

A rich and authentic preserved area

My favourite place: 

Mont Aigoual

My favourite speciality:

Cévennes honey, a real delight!

Randonnée avec ânes © Alain Lagrave / Parc national des Cévennes

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