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In the heart of the Caribbean, the Guadeloupe National Park is a protected area made up of a multitude of different ecosystems that are characteristic of tropical habitats.

An immersion in profuse biodiversity with exceptional biological riches due to its island location. Coral reefs, mangroves, swamp forests, volcanic slopes … the areas for sport and observation are extremely varied, as are the ways of discovering them.

From the summit of La Soufrière to the seabeds of the Côte sous le Vent, from the tropical forest of Basse-Terre to the neighbouring islets of the coral barrier … the fauna and flora are more often than not endemic and exceptionally rich.

Treasures to discover on foot, swimming or sailing … for a unique and wild tropical adventure!

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Meet each other !

Michèle SALLES
Kaz'art nature
 "Kaz’Art Nature" 

I find this island very beautiful and its valuable natural resource is very important to me. I really like the idea of promoting all this nature that surrounds us without damaging it. It is my source of inspiration for my creations.  

Guadeloupe National Park is:

A means of ensuring appropriate respect for the environment and biodiversity

My favourite place: 

The Pointe des Châteaux

My favourite speciality: 

Breadfruit that we eat here as a vegetable

Pointe de la Grande Vigie en Guadeloupe

Meet each other !

Christian BALADINE
Christian Baladine
"Kaba Myel Gwadloup"

My honeys have a distinct character because the plants we have in Guadeloupe are not at all the same as those found in Metropolitan France. Moreover, the particularity of Guadeloupe honeys is that they are completely wild. Thanks to the National Park, my bees can develop in a favourable environment.

Guadeloupe National Park is: A very active territorial preservation initiative

My favourite place:

The Leeward Coast

My favourite speciality: 

Court-bouillon with lambis molluscs

Pointe de la Grande Vigie en Guadeloupe

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