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The newest of the French national parks, the Forêts National Park covers parts of Champagne and Bourgogne, straddling the Côte d’Or and Haute-Marne departments. The particular feature of this area is that it is the first and only French national park dedicated to forests and their inhabitants.

A land of thousand-year-old forests, the Forêts National Park has been altered by the strong and enduring presence of Man and human activities. There are many enthusiastic craftspeople carrying out their craft and perpetuating their ancestral know-how.

Immense forests, hidden combes, winding paths and magnificent villages bearing traces of their Templar and Cistercian heritage … the Forêts National Park has been marked by history since the Iron Age. The curious wanderer will discover an enchanted world with abbeys and a princely tomb, châteaux and Romanesque churches, forests, Calcareous fens and petrifying springs.

A unique ecosystem that is also destined to become THE centre of European forest research.

A hotspot of biodiversity conservation in the heart of France, the Forêts National Park offers opportunities to visitors who venture there to make remarkable discoveries where nature, well-being, culture and history blend with the daily lives of the people that live in these lands.

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Meet each other !

© Cécile Raffier
The Sources Apiary – Beekeeper

I produce classic Haut-Marne linden and acacia honey, spring and summer all-flower honey as well as forest honey (mainly bramble and conifer honeydew). I sometimes make honey on a one-off basis according to the plantations of our farming neighbours, organic of course! And I also make gingerbread.

Forêts National Park is:

A means of preserving our natural wealth, our local heritage

My favourite place:

Auberive forest

My favourite speciality: 

Wine from Muid Montsaugeonnais 

Le Rucher des Sources © Cécile Raffier / Parc national de forêts

Meet each other !

Dominique BERNARD
© Dominique Bernard
Muid Montsaugeonnais domain – wine producer

A few words: We produce white wines, aged in oak barrels, a rosé bled of Pinot noir, and a Pinot noir, and in the traditional methods there is a sparkling Blanc de Blanc and a sparkling Blanc de Noir from Pinot noir wine. In the south of the Haut-Marne we are well served because there is a lot going on, with a willingness on the part of the producers to make progress in sales practices, particularly in the local food market. It's very lively!


Forêts National Park is: 

A different way of seeing nature and heritage protection

My favourite place:

Aubigny village and its hillside vineyards 

My favourite speciality: 

Langres sweets

Vue sur le Domaine Muid Montsaugeonnais  © Dominique Bernard

Meet each other !

Le petit bonheur 21 - randonnée avec ânes © Esther Vuillermet
Le Petit Bonheur 21 – Guest rooms and holiday lodge

A few words: Le Petit bonheur 21 offers bed and breakfast and a holiday lodge, as well as walks with donkeys in the Forêts National Park in the thick of nature. I like to exchange with our visitors who come to see us because they are seeking something else. Sometimes they only want to visit for a day, and they end up staying because the nature is so beautiful.  

Forêts National Park is:

It's nature, the forest, open space, the pretty stone villages... just a few words because otherwise we're going to write a whole book...

My favourite place:

The forest

My favourite speciality: 

Raw-milk Epoisses cheese from Origny

Le petit bonheur 21 - gîte © EstherVuillermet

In a few numbers
National Park of Forêts

Millions of trees
km of streams
1 000
km of mountain biking routes
Equestrian practice routes
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