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Reunion Island National Park

The Réunion National Park is a listed UNESCO world heritage site. It owes the richness of its landscapes and biodiversity to the wide variety of climates, terrains and soils found on the island. Did you know that it is one of the 34 biodiversity "hotspots" in the world?

The traveller can discover a patchwork of splendid natural landscapes and ecosystems that are unique worldwide. Formed by successive volcanic eruptions and shaped by erosion, the mountainous Réunion landscapes make it a great destination for hikers.

The "Pitons, Cirques and Remparts" harbour remarkable biodiversity within more than 110 habitat-types. From the coast to the mountain-top (3070m in altitude), from dry forests to tropical ecosystems, the natural, cultural and landscape heritage of the island is breath-taking.

A paradise for a multitude of outdoor activities, the Réunion National Park promises its visitors that they’ll never get bored! As they roam, they’ll also discover the island’s savoir-faire and local flavours such as the world-famous Bourbon vanilla, coffee or honey.

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"Envergure Réunion" 

I am very attached to the territory and to all this preserved nature. The Esprit National Park brand is recognition of the values that we wish to diffuse and allows us to give rationale to our meaningful activities. In turn, if we want people to preserve nature, it is our mission to ensure that they know about it, that they apply it themselves and in doing so protect it better.

Réunion National Park is:

An area of preservation

My favourite place:

The Plaine des Sables

My favourite speciality: 

Duck stew

Découverte des tunnels de lave-Coulée 2004 © Sébastien Conejero / Parc national de La Réunion

Meet each other !

Martine BERGE
Martine Berge
"CanaSuc" Lodge

I fell in love with the country, I find a part of myself through this territory, the National Park is part of my personal heritage. Through my job and the Esprit National Park brand, we help people discover the true Reunion Island, who we are, what we experience.

Réunion Nation Park is:

It is a reassuring initiative that is committed to environmental issues and the preservation of this valuable natural resource

My favourite place:

Bébour-Bélouve Forest

My favourite speciality:

Ti-jacques boucané curry

Sentier du Grand Bord

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Reunion Island National Park

Volcanic massifs
species, some of which are endemic and unique in the world
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816 km
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