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Roaming the Vanoise National Park means having within your reach - and under your hiking boots – an area to explore crossed by more than 400 km of waymarked and maintained paths.

In the heart of Savoie, easily accessible via the large valleys of the Maurienne or Tarentaise, the Vanoise range has more than a hundred summits over 3000 metres high. Trekking or glacier-hiking, for confirmed sportspeople or just curious families, the Vanoise offers 53 300 hectares of conserved natural and cultural heritage, a remnant of its long and eventful history. Even Hannibal left traces of his troops, and his elephants….

Trans-frontier with Italy, the Vanoise National Park was the first French national park to be created, in 1963. It lies next to the Italian Grand Paradis National Park, with which it is twinned, thus forming the largest protected area in Europe. There are also five nature reserves that border the Vanoise National Park!

The opportunity for young and old to explore breath-taking landscapes and exceptional biodiversity! Ibex, Chamois, Marmots, Golden Eagles, Bearded Vultures … are there to be discovered by visitors who are able to remain discreet and observant. Botanists and flower-lovers aren’t left out either. There are more than 1400 mountain species that bloom through the seasons in the vast expanses of the Vanoise!

Starting out from Pralognan, Champagny, Peisey-Nancroix, Termignon or Bonneval, the Vanoise National Park is waiting for you to come and explore it, either for a long stay or a day trip, in the heart of grandiose landscapes and conserved natural heritage!

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Marie-Odile DION
Marie Odile Dion
Mountain guide specialised in botany and well-being

I have always been in love with nature. I find the area of the Park an absolute wonder to discover! I am committed to environmental education by virtue of my job.

Vanoise National Park is:

A protected area which I am proud to be part of!

My favourite place:

The Plan Richard Valley via the Aliet Pass

My favourite speciality:

The Meadowsweet flower that I use as a herbal tea given its many

Randonneurs traversant le lac des Vaches © Chloé Tardivet / Parc national de la Vanoise

Meet each other !

Thierry SUCHET
Thierry Suchet
"Pépé Nicolas" Restaurant

I have been in the National Park since 1965 so I know it very well! At our restaurant, we are at the foot of the glacier and have a very beautiful view of the Loup Valley and a plummeting view of the Belleville Valley...

Vanoise National Park is:

A protected area that is essential for our ecosystem!

My favourite place:

Croix Jean-Claude walk

My favourite speciality:

Serpolet, also known as mountain thyme which perfumes and decorates our dishes

Massif de Maurienne en Vanoise

Meet each other !

Refuge La Martin
"La Martin" Refuge

The National Park allows for an approach to shelteri and services that is completely coherent with our values. It really takes into account sustainable development in our work, which is provided in addition to our refuge keeping job. Along with the park, we commit ourselves to a meaningful approach.

Vanoise National Park is:

A very good way to educate, to raise interest and awareness to the biodiversity that surrounds us

My favourite place:

Martin glacier

My favourite speciality:

Alpine dock pie, Alpine dock being an edible wild plant resembling sorrel

Le Lac du Grattaleu, vu depuis le sentier GR5. À l'arr.-pl., la crête entre le Col de la Tourne et la Pointe du Chardonnet. Commune de Peisey Nancroix.

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Vanoise National Park

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