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Porquerolles, park heart



L’Échappée Bleue provides full-day and half-day walks on Porquerolles Island. Your chance to uncover incredible heritage on the Iles d'Or's biggest island.

Expect culture, history and human adventure with nature the star of the show. Get up close with unspoilt landscapes as you explore rolling forests leafy with oaks, mastic trees and briar root; venture through farmed valleys, along coves and wild beaches…

Set off from the village with commentary from the guide then the walk takes you to Fort Sainte-Agathe to discuss the island's military and maritime history. The building overlooks the village giving you an incredible view of the island and harbour, ideal for discussing the history and life of the islanders, the evolution of Porquerolles, its famous names and the island's strategic position. The Park's ambassador guides have a treat for you: they can get you into the fort!

Another vista from Moulin du Bonheur windmill takes in the vineyards so you can learn about farming on the island. You'll actually venture down to the vineyards through fig and olive trees from variety collections. After a picnic on the beach if you've picked the full-day option, it's time to head to Cap d'Armes lighthouse through the lagoons which provide an insight to a unique ecosystem incorporating the water cycle. Along the wild south coast there are birds including puffins and flora with endemic coastal species such as Hyères lavender, asphodel and exogenous ones (from outside). Observing the flotsam, the debris left by the sea on the beach and made up of seaweed, shellfish, driftwood etc. gives visitors an understanding of these items' usefulness, why they're left where they are and helps everyone think about the role they could play in protecting the environment.

L'Echappée Bleue :

L'Echappée Bleue is a team of event planners, excursion designers and the brains behind unique trips!

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L'Echappée Bleue has been tailor-making events and trips for companies, corporate groups, charities and work committees since 1986.

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Practical information

Bring money for the crossing (15 min) from the Tour Fondue port in Hyères and car park for the day.

Walk time and elevation: 2.5-5 hr duration subject to ½-day or full-day package.

Difficulty: easy

Elevation: max. 150m

Period: All year (exc. July 15th-August 20th) to encourage low season outings.

Half-day price: 35 €/pers. including: crossing and parking.Full-day price: 55 €/pers. including: crossing and parking. Picnic hamper:20 €/pers. (Fresh local produce)

Suitable for: Anyone aged 12 and over.

Equipment: bring walking shoes, hat, sun protection, flask and picnic.

Languages: French, English, Spanish.

Excursions for groups of 10-30 people only.