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Villa Mirabel



If you want and need a break. Get away from it all for a weekend or a few days. In amongst nature away from noise, cars and stress... Head for Ile du Levant where Brigitte and Christophe Chevallier open uptheir home, Villa Mirabel, to guests out of season from September to May. They provide two ground floor guest rooms where you can soak up the magic and peace of an island getaway.

The deep yellow Port-Man and sea-themed Bain de Diane rooms open their doors to breath-taking panoramic views. You feel like you're gazing at the vast sea from a boat's deck with Ile de Port-Cros and Port-Man Bay in the distance. They give onto a large terrace and pool where you can have a swim when the sun's out and enjoy the landscape. "Summer is all about the sea and sun..." says the owner and her husband, fishermen on Le Levant. "We wanted to get people to open their eyes and look out of the window... Le Levant is more than the sea and sun: it's relaxing, peaceful, totally cut off from the daily grind..." The island has no cars or street lighting... but it does have a 20 hectare nature reserve for you to explore.

Guests can now stay at Villa Mirabel in November, December, January etc. "It's going really well. Even when the weather's bad, we offer people the chance to postpone but most decline because they want a change of scene."

Do you have to be a naturist to stay? "We're not and most of our guests aren't either. But some love the island so much that they end up coming back in summer."

Practical information

Open: last weekend in September to first weekend in May.

Capacity: Two 18m2 guest rooms with panoramic views. Both open onto a large terrace with a pool. Air-conditioned rooms with under-floor heating.

Fixtures: small fridge, coffee machine, kettle, free Wi-Fi.

Breakfast for stays longer than 1 night. Meals in the island's restaurants. One is open all year.

Activities: walking, canoeing and transfer available to Ile de Port-Cros.

Transport from the continent: Ferry from Le Lavandou or Hyères. During your stay: free car park in winter on Hyères port and free parking all year-round nearby. Le Lavandou: free car park November 1st to April 1st, charges apply outside these dates.