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Stay "Ecrins sauvage Dormillouse

Adresse du bénéficiaire

2 rue du génépi
05120 L'Argentière-la-Bessée

Alpes Aventure
Alpes Aventure
Alpes Aventure
Alpes Aventure
Ecrins National Park
Stay "Ecrins sauvage Dormillouse
7 days

With this stay, you will flirt with the Ecrins National Park, in a preserved world, on little traveled paths, sporty, intimate, and even sometimes off the beaten path. A finale in Dormillouse, the only year-round inhabited village in the heart of the Ecrins National Park.

The Pays des Écrins is a treasure trove of authenticity, of rough and beautiful mountains, vast and wild. You are close to the Grand Tour des Ecrins? Here, you are in the domain of the chamois, the golden eagle, of a demanding mountain that has forged a heritage made of isolated alpine chalets and precious irrigation channels. An exceptional wilderness trek that you will not find in any catalog, it is unique, your vacations are too; here is a trek that has nothing to envy to the Grand Tour des Ecrins! You are off the beaten track, in a land of rare but powerful encounters, with the elements, Nature, its immensity. Encounter with the heart of the men who have chosen to live or stay there, shepherds, guards of refuges. Welcome to a high altitude world for an exclusive Alpes Aventure stay!

Day 1 :

meeting at l'Argentière la Bessée, train station. Preparation of the stay, installation in the hotel, briefing.

Night at the hotel

Day 2 :

Departure in the heart of l'Argentière la Bessée, heritage circuit and ascent to the Fournel valley, crossing some beautiful old houses leaning against the mountain. Your landscape becomes wilder, the horizon widens towards the Bois des Casses and the plateau des Têtes (2044m). At the summit of Le Pelvoux, the glaciers appear. At the end of the afternoon a short descent to the Col de la Pousterle leads you to the viewpoint of the refuge de la Pousterle, above the vast Fournel valley.

Night at the Pousterle refuge

Difference in altitude : +1000m / -300m

Duration : 6 hours

Day 3 :

Morning ascent to the Tête d'Oréac (2088m) then descent to the Fournel valley by the Claussailles, then Champ Didier. Many renovated and maintained chalets line the route. Climb up to the ubac, cool for the afternoon, through the Simon de l'Aigle wood and the Maison Blanche, to reach the Coueimian chalet, accommodation in a guest house with your guide.

Night at the chalet (1705m)

Difference in altitude : +1000m / -700m

Duration : 6 hours

Day 4:

Round trip day. The Vallon de Crouzet, perched and solitary, welcomes you today, a protected balcony in the heart of the surrounding summits. Return by the Génépi ridge towards the Seyte ridge (2627m) and the Coueimian chalet. If you are in good shape, you can climb the Etoile de Dormillouse, which we also call "La Pyramide" at 3066m

Night at the Coueimian chalet

Difference in altitude : +1000 to 1300m / -1000 to 1300m

Duration : 6 to 8h

Day 5:

day in balcony from Coueimian to Dormillouse. You cross the Col d'Anon quickly (1891m) then cross to Garcines, an old alpine hamlet (1771m). Beginning of the alpine path that leads to Dormillouse. This magnificent balcony crosses 3 alpine valleys, interspersed with narrower passages to cross the ridges. Sumptuous day trip to Dormillouse in the heart of the Ecrins National Park.

Night at the refuge de l'Ecole in Dormillouse (1730m)

Difference in altitude : +600m / -600m

Duration : 7h

Day 6 :

Day in return. The circuit of the lakes, by the lake Palluel, then the lake Faravel. An enchanting loop in the Grand Pignier country, and discovery of these magical lakes of glacial origin.

Night at the gite l'Ecole in Dormillouse

Difference in altitude : +800m / -800m

Duration : 5 to 6 hours

Day 7 :

Departure in the early morning for the lake of Fangeas (1990m). The trail then winds between the rocky bars to reach the August district. A last off-trail climb leads to the Col de Couleau (2787m). Descend the eastern slope to the Couleau hut and then join the eponymous valley. The trail continues towards the valley and you join the Alpes Aventure transport at Serre Buzard above Châteauroux les Alpes.

Transfer to Mont Dauphin Guillestre station

Difference in altitude : +1000m / -1500m

Duration : 7 hours

The price includes :

- the supervision by a mountain leader

- accommodation with night and half board according to the program

- picnics and lunch according to the program


Rates 2021:

Starting at €1,154 per person.

(for a registration in a group of 4 or more people)


Alpes Aventure

2 rue du génépi
05120 L'Argentière-la-Bessée

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