Birds of the Prairies - From Mesches to Plan Tendasque

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Parc national du Mercantour / MARTIN DHERMONT Laurent
Parc national du Mercantour / MALTHIEUX Laurent
Mercantour National Park
Birds of the Prairies - From Mesches to Plan Tendasque
1 day

Luca, passionate and talented ornithologist, will make you discover these inhabitants of the mountains, both stealthy and discreet, but whose song does not leave indifferent, the birds...

The southern slopes of the upper Roya Valley constitute an essential environment for certain rare bird species such as the bartavelle. This species is endemic to the Alps and has seen its numbers decline due to the last ice ages and the exploitation of the mountain by man over the last two centuries.

The slopes of the Plan Tendasque offer an ideal setting to try to observe this elusive species, or others such as the circaetus, the eagle, or the passeriformes.

This walk will allow you to cross typical environments of the Southern Alps

Period :
June - July

Level :
Average: accessible to a public in good physical condition

What to bring :
Picnic, shoes and mountain clothes, binoculars



06430 Tende

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