Spring birds - From Fontan to the Vallon du Cairos

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PIERINI Philippe - Parc national du Mercantour / PIERINI Philippe
Parc national du Mercantour
Mercantour National Park
Spring birds - From Fontan to the Vallon du Cairos
1 day

Luca, passionate and talented ornithologist, will make you discover these inhabitants of the mountains, both stealthy and discreet, but whose song does not leave indifferent, the birds...

The fir forests of the Roya Valley have been the heart of the Mercantour National Park for many years. This characteristic has favored a reasoned management of the area allowing the conservation of ecosystems. This situation has favored the presence of rare birds such as the Boreal Owl, the Tengmalm's Owl and the Little Owl.

These two species roam the forest in search of food (mice and field mice), a partner, or a territory to defend.

Their song, different according to the season, can be heard from a distance or, closer, after a short walk at nightfall...

The starting point of the hike will be at the level of the Sainte Claire chapel in the valley of Cairos and will extend to the track leading to Collabassa, in the middle of the forest.

Period :
March - April

Medium: outing accessible to a public in good physical condition

What to bring:
Picnic, shoes and mountain clothes, binoculars



06540 Fontan

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