History and origins of the brand

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The 10 French national parks

The 10 Parcs nationaux de France - the Vanoise, the Cévennes, Port-Cros, the Mercantour, the Écrins, the Pyrenées, Guadeloupe, the Reunion Island, Guyana and the Calanques - are rich with exceptional landscapes and are home to some remarkable fauna and flora. They are also places of life and revitalization for men and women. It is their role to ensure that this precious patrimony is available to the public and to transmit it to future generations. While protecting biodiversity is one of their essential missions, the national parks also play a role in the safeguarding of cultural heritage and contribute to the valorisation of activities which are compatible with respect for nature.

Today they are taking one step further with the creation of the brand Esprit parc national , which represents the values of the national parks.

A brand inspired by nature

Guided by the values which the national parks have represented for more than 50 years: commitment, authenticity, respect, sharing, and vitality, the Esprit parc national  brand promotes products and services imagined and created by women and men who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional territories of the French national parks.
A collective brand,

Esprit parc national  is intended for the economic players of those territories who are mobilized around the same strategy and the same ambition to develop their products and/or services. Committed to the respect of the environment and the protection of the territories, and carrying a message of solidarity by giving priority to the local economy, for the consumer the brand is a sign of confidence and standards.

a brand ?


the people involved in the national parks.


the consumer.


on behalf of the values of a territory and its people.

To create bonds

Above all, our brand represents the social, cultural, identity and solidarity bonds between:

  • the national park managers,
  • the inhabitants of these unique territories,
  • the public leaders,
  • the economic players
  • visitors

All united around the same concern of representing the values of their place of life and work.

Magali Castelly - Sentiers Vagabonds - Cevennes National Park
Magali Castelly - Sentiers Vagabonds - Cevennes National Park