Our pledge, our values, our commitments

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Our pledge

The Esprit parc national brand highlights products and services imagined and created by women and men who are committed to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional territories of the French national parks.

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our values


A brand that reflects the missions of the national parks and the involvement of the local players who live there. For you, it represents a commitment to preserving biodiversity and gives additional meaning to your purchase.


To preserve and promote local traditions and know-how.The brand offers authentic products, services, and methods of production.


A fundamental value which emphasizes consideration for the exceptional nature of the national parks, for the cultural heritage, local players and populations which make these spaces come to life. For the service providers who benefit from the brand, it's also a commitment to respect common criteria.


A brand which is shared and service providers who are united by the values of the national parks. Discover flavours, know-how and unique experiences inspired by nature! 


A value which illustrates a positive state of mind, and reflects the dynamism and openness of the men and women who live, work, and welcome you to the national parks.


Men and women at the heart of the brand


Craftspeople, farmers, bee-keepers, livestock breeders, guides, hosts, artists, and many more have joined in the Esprit parc national adventure !

Through their use of the brand, they share with consumers:

  • their love for the territory where they live and/or work,
  • their passion for their trade,
  • their knowledge of these areas and their unique know-how.

United behind this brand, they speak with one voice and share the values and philosophy of the national parks with the general public.