History of Geology & Biodiversity

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Christiane RAY ANEZIN
Christiane RAY ANEZIN
Christiane RAY ANEZIN
Christiane RAY ANEZIN
Mercantour National Park
History of Geology & Biodiversity
6 days

In the Haut Verdon and in Colmars les Alpes, enjoy 6 days of hiking on the theme of geology and biodiversity of the Mercantour National Park, and learn more about the interaction between man and nature. Proposed from June to October.

Appreciate and understand the formation of our earth, our space differently, acquire the true notion of time, question our imagination, create dreams and memories, all this to make you aware of the ecological values in a superb place bathed in light, imprinted with human history, with the presence of waterfalls, peat bogs, lakes including the remarkable Lake of Allos (largest natural lake in Europe) without forgetting the ascent of Mount Pelat (3050m) highest peak of the Haut Verdon in the heart of the Mercantour National Park.

As Montaigne said "The world is an open book"...

This program is given as an indication. According to the level of the participants, imponderable events such as the weather or the convenience of the group of participants, the guide is likely to modify it.

Detailed program:

*Day 1 (Sunday): Arrival at the end of the afternoon - The guide will be present to welcome you.

*Day 2: Tête de la Sestrière

The departure of this first day will take place in La Foux d'Allos. The guide will explain the geomorphology of the famous Verdon, whose source is located in the Trois Evêchés massif, but also the history of the astonishing mountain "la Grande Séolane" - a rare case in France. It will be possible to visit the village of Allos and its church Notre Dame de Valvert (middle of the XIII century after J.C.)

Walking time : 5 h 00 / 700 m of ascent

*Day 3: The lakes of Lignin

During this new day, you will discover torrents with very beautiful basins known as "marmite de géants". You will also come across numerous sheepfolds, overflow lakes upstream of a glacial lock, peat bogs and breathtaking mountain landscapes.

Walking time : 5 h 30 / 700 m of ascent

*Day 4: The Cayolle pass - Lausson plateau - Lac d'Allos

This outing, located in the heart of the Mercantour National Park, will take you back in time to better understand and appreciate this superb place. You will discover the history of our mountains, the formation of the sandstone of Annot and the lakes, including the magnificent lake of Allos (the largest altitude lake in Europe). You will also have a beautiful view on the massif of the Sanguinière located in the Haut Var.

It will also be possible to observe chamois or ibex. In the evening, a conference, accompanied by discussions, will be proposed to you on the flora.

Walking time : 5 h 00 / 600 m of difference in altitude

*Day 5: Waterfalls

In a still wild place, we will evolve in a large part off the paths, in the heart of the Mercantour National Park. You will have the opportunity to admire two sumptuous waterfalls and chamois. At the end of the day, you will visit the village of Colmars les Alpes.

Walking time : 5 h 00 / 620 m of ascent

*Day 6 (Friday) : Mont Pelat 3050m

For this last day, you will be able to admire an imposing view of the Alps from the highest peak of the Mercantour National Park - in the Haut Verdon sector. You will be able to know the geology of some of the mountains that you will contemplate at the end of your ascent. And, as "after the effort, the comfort", you will stop at the Sainte Brigitte farm which makes cow's milk cheese.

Walking time : 6 h 00 / 940 m of ascent

Details of the circuit : http://www.randonneesmontagne.fr/index.php?page=sejour

Level: medium - accessible to a public practicing a regular physical activity

Capacity of reception 8 people maximum

This service provider and his mountain guide, Christiane Ray Anezin, are members of the Mercantour Ecotourism association; discover them here and here!


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