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Nature and landscape, the Garonne Cape in all its states

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Parking du Pas des gardéens
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Géologie du Cap Garonne
Patricia Huss
Vincent Blondel - Naturelles Balades
©Parc national de Port-Cros
Géologie du Cap Garonne
Vincent Blondel - Naturelles Balades
Port-Cros National Park
Nature and landscape, the Garonne Cape in all its states
1 half day

This walk will allow you to discover the specific geology of the Cap Garonne and the flora linked to this singular environment. A real dive in time, punctuated by a reading of grandiose landscapes.

The massif that you are going to visit presents two particular geological layers. One dating from the end of the primary era, the other from the beginning of the secondary era.

The history of the mine will be approached around different external elements that are witnesses of the exploitation. The magnifying glasses at your disposal will allow you to observe the rocks with precision and in particular the very original minerals that have allowed the Cap Garonne mine to be ranked 5th in the world in terms of number of mineral species. No less than 130 have been identified on the site.

This mineral environment has favored the blooming of particular plant species which will be presented to you like the armérie du Pradet and the simaethis of Mattiazzi, rare plants of Provence.

This instructive tour takes place along a circuit around the mine which starts at the pas des Gardéens and leads you to the old galleries. Further on, you will be able to admire the splendid panorama on the peninsula of Giens and the harbor of Toulon. A glimpse of the forest cover impacted by the Colle Noire fire in 2005 will allow you to evoke the adaptation of the vegetation to fires.

Target audience

Adults and children (7-12 years old) only in groups

Schoolchildren, from CM1 to Terminale.

Period: All year round, on request

Duration: 2h30

Level: Easy hiking

Equipment: Closed shoes, water and sun protection. Camera.

Documentation and observation tools are available

Languages: English, French


230 € for a group (25 people maximum)


Naturelles balades
Blondel Vincent

309 Astarté
Le Carthage
83320 Carqueiranne

Lieu de Rendez-vous

Parking du Pas des gardéens
83220 Le Pradet

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