Want to reconnect with nature in French National Parks? For an authentic stay? To take perfectly accessible paths to discover preserved cultural and natural heritage? Esprit parc national products and services with the Tourism & Handicap brand state await you!

A unique experience where renewal, the pleasure of being together, solidarity are shared values.

Our objective: to share the richness of the natural and cultural heritage of national parks with as many people as possible.

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The four pictograms of the Tourism & Handicap mark will help you in your research. They will allow you to easily identify the forms of handicap for which our services are accessible: hearing disability, mental disability, motor disability, visual disability.

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At Porquerolles in the Port-Cros National Park, an electric bicycle with an adapted platform for people with reduced mobility is available

This tricycle, loaned free of charge to the Maison de Parc national, allows families, one of whose members is in a wheelchair, to discover the island of Porquerolles by bike. It allows you to walk with a person with reduced mobility without moving them from their wheelchair thanks to a tilting platform. Electric assistance facilitates pedalling. The bike can accommodate almost all types and sizes of wheelchairs, including power wheelchairs.

  • Contact : Maison de Parc national - 04 94 58 07 24
Tricycle © DR Parc national de Port-Cros
Tricycle© DR Parc national de Port-Cros
© DR Parc national de Port-Cros
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In Florac-Trois-Rivières in the Cévennes National Park, hike on the Chemin de Stevenson

 It is now possible to walk on Stevenson's Way when you are visually impaired! On the Lozère part as far as the Gard, from Florac-Trois-Rivières to Alès, a GPS in the form of a free digital application for smartphones has been designed to overcome the impossibility of a cartographic representation of space by a person with visual impairment. The heading is given orally based on the person's body axis and is updated every second.

Sur le chemin de Stevenson © Association Yvoir
Sur le chemin de Stevenson© Association Yvoir
© Association Yvoir
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At La Plaine des Palmistes in Reunion Island National Park: interactive exhibition and nature gardens at the Maison du Parc national

The exhibition "Reunion Island, Nature island, Human heart" invites you to experience a virtual crossing of the island and its "Pitons, cirques and ramparts", from Mare-Longue to the Grande Chaloupe. Audio-visual immersions, interactive games and toolboxes will guide you to meet the great landscapes, nature, but also the men and women inhabiting the territory. The visit ends in the gardens, home to around a hundred native and endemic plant species.

  • Contact : Maison du Parc national - 02 62 90 01 31
Maison du Parc national à La Plaine des Palmistes © Clo&Clem
Maison du Parc national à La Plaine des Palmistes© Clo&Clem
© Clo&Clem
“La nature en partage”
Since 2008, French National Parks have made a strong commitment to better take into account the handicap and to improve the accessibility of the territories.
Numerous actions have been implemented to facilitate access for people with physical, hearing, visual and intellectual disabilities in the national parks of France: making the Maisons du Parc national accessible, adapting hiking trails, creating tools of suitable discoveries...
National parks also have reception facilities accessible to all audiences and can, in certain places, provide you with suitable equipment.
Want to explore suitable hiking trails? The hiking portals of the national parks provide you with perfectly described routes to adapt your practice to your handicap.