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470 chemin de la Fargèze
30140 Massillargues-Attuech

Caveau © Mas Seren
© Mas Seren
Caveau © Mas Seren
Wines of Mas Seren

Mas Seren is a 6-hectare vineyard located in the Cevennes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the commune of Monoblet, near Anduze.

Emmanuelle, a vine and wine technician, has worked for more than 15 years as a cellar master, estate manager and wine-making consultant. Since 2009, she brings her know-how to her own vineyard to produce IGP Cévennes wines in organic farming.

At an altitude of more than 300 m, in the heart of an oak wood, the plots of land are distributed on more or less accentuated slopes, and are drawn by a path of hedges, groves and streams.

Respecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity have always dictated the work in the vineyard.

At Mas Seren, no insecticides are used; the climate is not conducive to the development of vine and grape predators. No herbicides are used; the neighboring shepherd's sheep maintain the grass cover from the end of autumn until the first signs of spring. Then it's Nuage or Cosinus, the horses that take over with animal traction!

Careful pruning, disbudding, trellising and low yields significantly limit the development of diseases. The attention paid to the vineyard all year round allows us to harvest healthy and ripe grapes.

The harvest is done by hand, of course!

In the cellar, simple and careful gestures reveal the typicality of the terroir where the aromatic intensity, the fullness and the finesse of the tannins are enhanced by an astonishing freshness!

The wines marked Esprit parc national:

  • Etincelle nomade - White - 70 % Vermentino - 30 % Ugni blanc
  • Etincelle nomade - Rosé - 90 % Cinsault - 10 % Syrah
  • Etincelle nomade - Red - 60 % Syrah - 40 % Cinsault
  • Etamin - White - 80 % Roussanne - 20 % Grenache white
  • Lilith - Red - 50 % Cinsault - 50 % Grenache
  • Mintaka - Red - 75 % Syrah - 25 % Grenache

You can find us in wine shops, restaurants and wine bars : map available here


Mas Seren
SCHOCH Emmanuelle

470 chemin de la Fargèze
30140 Massillargues-Attuech

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