Cartography and mountain orientation

Adresse du bénéficiaire

24 rue Centrale
05000 Briançon

Christophe Dureau
Ecrins National Park
Cartography and mountain orientation
1 day
350 m

From imagination to reality, know how to read the map and orient yourself on the ground, discover the "b.a-ba" of mountain hiking and gain autonomy and safety!

This day in the field will give you the basics of orientation:

  • read an IGN map - make the link with the terrain,
  • use compass and altimeter, GPS.

Topics covered: Wildlife, landscape reading, orientation / mapping.

Target audience: families with children (+ 14 years old), adults, children without parents (+ 14 years old), schoolchildren (from 4th to 12th grade).

Languages spoken: French only.

Material and equipment :

  • to provide: Clothes suitable for the average mountain, windbreaker, small backpack with drink and snacks, notepad, pencil, sunglasses, hat, gloves.
  • equipment provided and/or at your disposal: Compass, map of the area, map and orientation booklet.


Adult day : 48 €

Children's day (12 to 18 years old): 38 €

Group rate (6 to 12 people): 300 €

Family package (2 adults and 2 children) : 160 €

Vacation vouchers accepted.


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Dureau Christophe

24 rue Centrale
05000 Briançon

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