Curious fossils at 2300m altitude!

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Thierry Maillet - PNE
Ecrins National Park
Curious fossils at 2300m altitude!
1 day

Discovered several years ago, a fossil slab reveals the presence of crabs, bi-valves and other marine animals. The latter allow us to reconstruct part of the geological history of the massif at the time when it was in contact with an ocean! An outing for the curious, as well as the connoisseurs!

The Alpe de la Rouya is an alpine pasture which dominates the Vallouise valley, it offers one of the most beautiful and easily accessible viewpoints on the massif and its glaciers.

How to imagine a sea bed at 2300m of altitude at this place?

Here we can't imagine it anymore, we understand it by discovering numerous fossils such as Nummulites, Bivalves, and especially Crabs in a good state of conservation, which is exceptional.

On this itinerary Chamois Deer and marmots are never far..

A beautiful mountain day rich in discovery!

Duration: 6 hours

Difficulty : medium

Difference in altitude: 600 m

Wednesdays, meeting at 8am, return around 4pm, children from 7 years old.

Spoken languages: French

Remember to book in advance.

You are not available on Monday and Wednesday...you are in family or in group already constituted, you wish to remain between you, this program is adaptable. Do not hesitate to contact us, many itineraries are conceivable according to your desires.

Material and equipment :

> To be provided by the participants:

Clothing and equipment for hiking: hiking boots; day backpacks; picnic

> Equipment provided and/or made available: Sticks, binoculars, binoculars


Rates 2021:

-30€/ adult

-26€ child - 12 years old


Lebreton Christophe

La Balme le Village
05120 Les Vigneaux

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