Wolf and large wildlife

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Céline Jumentier - Bureau des Guides de Serre-Chevalier
Ecrins National Park
Wolf and large wildlife
1 day

While lynx, bear and wolf are repopulating our mountains, we propose you to hike in their natural environment, looking for clues of presence and observing the big wild fauna...

An outing to learn more about these animals and answer questions about their cohabitation with humans.

Duration of the outing : 9h (Day outing)

Elevation gain of 580m - Medium level of difficulty

Topics covered: Wildlife, landscape reading, agriculture, cultural heritage, storytelling/reading

Target audience : Families with children (+ 8 years old), adults

Spoken languages : French only

Material and equipment :

> to foresee : Picnic and water for the day, warm clothes, sun protection, shoes and backpack. Binoculars if possible

> Equipment provided and/or at your disposal: Long-sightedness and binoculars


RATES 2021:

Commitment fee: 205€

Group rate: 50€

You can take advantage of a 3-day group outing package at 135 €.

Family Solo" package - 5 people maximum: 205 €

Tribe Rando" package - 9 people maximum: 250 €(300€ >9p up to 12p)


Bureau des guides et accompagnateurs de Serre-Chevalier
Bertano Cedric

Route de pré-long
05240 Villeneuve-la-Salle

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