Large raptors

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Vincent Lebret
Vincent Lebret
Ecrins National Park
Large raptors

It is in a sumptuous setting, in the heart of our mountains, that we propose you a day hike to meet the big birds of prey...

Difference in altitude : 400m

Outing proposed on...

Golden eagle, Griffon vulture, Bearded vulture, so many birds that we can see again above our mountains!

Going to meet these species with a qualified mountain leader and specific observation equipment is a strong naturalist experience.

Difference in altitude : 400m

Proposed on Mondays from June to September

Topics : ornithology, fauna

Target audience : all publics, children from 8 years old

Spoken languages : French

  • Equipment to bring:

- A backpack between 20 and 45 liters

- Good hiking shoes, if you don't have any, we will advise you to rent some in a sports store.

- Classic hiking clothes: off the trails and in the tall grass, pants are preferable to shorts

- Fleece and waterproof jacket

- Hat or cap

- Sunglasses, sunscreen

- A minimum of ½ liter of drink per person

- Small snacks

- Picnic lunch

- Binoculars

Sticks are not essential, but very useful in case of knee problems or to save effort

  • Equipment provided:



Rates 2021:

Entry fee : 205€ / person

Group rate: 50€ / person

You can take advantage of a 3-day group outing package at 135 €.

Family Solo" package - 5 people maximum: 205 €

Tribe Rando" package - 9 people maximum: 250 €(300€ >9p up to 12p)


Bureau des guides et accompagnateurs de Serre-Chevalier
Bertano Cedric

Route de pré-long
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