"Curious about nature" Treasure hunt

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Céline Jumentier - Bureau des Guides de Serre-Chevalier
Ecrins National Park
"Curious about nature" Treasure hunt
1 day
Very easy

A life-size treasure hunt, which will allow children to discover the notions of orientation and the secrets of the mountains!

Learning of orientation: We will walk thanks to the points indicated on the map. At each marker found on the ground the children will have to answer a questionnaire thanks to which they will learn the secrets of our mountains and discover the TREASURE! Picnic by the water and in the afternoon a sensory course!

A real day to learn while having fun and enjoy the wonders of nature!

Duration: about 8 hours

Difficulty: very easy

Difference in altitude: 200 to 400m

Topics covered: cartography, orientation, use of the compass

Target audience: children between 5 and 10 years old

Maximum number of participants: 9 persons

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish

Material and equipment :

> to be provided by the participants :

-notched walking shoes, preferably high.

-shorts or pants (depending on the weather).

-a waterproof windbreaker.

-a hat


-sun cream

-a small backpack with water and a small snack.

> Equipment provided and/or made available:

iGN maps, compasses, clues and treasure


RATES 2021 :

Group rate: 50€/person


Bureau des guides et accompagnateurs de Serre-Chevalier
Bertano Cedric

Route de pré-long
05240 Villeneuve-la-Salle

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