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Scientific trek with chamois health monitoring" stay

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Ecrins National Park
Scientific trek with chamois health monitoring" stay
3 days
500 m

This scientific trek is made for you, amateurs of natural environments, you will discover how to identify and observe all animal species in their ecosystems.
Our trek is there to initiate you or to perfect you in the implementation of naturalist data collection and in the transmission of knowledge on scientific follow-ups.
In the company of our guides and environmental professionals, you will become familiar with the protocols and discover your true talents through the transmission of wildlife observation techniques.

Scientific data collection is a method of obtaining results from research in various fields. This one is often supervised by professionals, but by the way we approach it it remains accessible to everyone. This is why this scientific trek is in close collaboration with the Ecrins National Park in order to optimize the collection, the seizure and the treatment of the recorded data.

This trek is conceived in a coherent way in three times:

- The first one is focused on a learning phase, it is the richest in theoretical contributions. It consists in training you on the scientific objective of the stay by exposing you the protocol and the organization which concerns that set up.

- The second one is focused on the practice and the elaboration of the protocol for the data collection

- The third one is oriented on the seizure of the data in a well defined base.

It is important to remember that the scientific actions are included on a trek whose objective is to discover the natural environment or will take place the statements. These scientific manipulations will be registered on well defined periods throughout the stay, for the simple reason, it is that these are standardized.

Your mission will be to carry out a sanitary inventory of the chamois on the studied territory. This will be organized in the form of well-defined observation periods throughout the territory. The observation will be carried out with the help of observation devices at your disposal (telescope, binoculars). Once all the data has been collected during the day, you will proceed to the processing and data entry phase in a magnificent mountain refuge. The mission is to enter the constants of each individual observed in a table.

These observation data are a real wealth on the evolution of the state of chamois populations, they will be cross-checked with the different factors present on the territory, the climate, human activities... They will be able to inform in the short term about the fragility or not of the chamois populations present. To give an overview of the renewal of the populations thanks to the determination and numbers of the individuals observed. And raise the presence of sanitary risk for the populations or not. But also in the long term with the evolution of the number of individuals which can be translated by the evolution of the populations. The hindsight can also allow to follow the global dynamics of the occupation of the territory by the individuals.


Price for adults : 380 €

Price for a group (3 people) : 350 €


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