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Running along the Spanish border, the Pyrénées National Park offers a wealth of biodiversity and a variety of landscapes and activities.

A real condensation of the Pyrenees that stretches over six valleys, criss-crossed by 450 km of paths! An ideal destination for hikers in love with conserved natural heritage and mountains.

The Pyrénées National Park has highly varied landscapes, forged by time and human activities: from the Cirques of Gavarnie and Troumousse, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, to the impressive Balaïtous and Néouvielle ranges, from the extinct Pic du Midi d’Ossau volcano to the tumbling waterfalls and mountain streams of the Cauterets Valley, dominated by Mount Vignemale, the highest peak in the French Pyrenees,

It also hosts remarkably rich flora and fauna. Many emblematic flowers and other plant species can be observed. Its wildlife is as diverse as it is fragile: the Pyrenean Chamois, symbol of the Pyrenees, the Iberian Ibex, reintroduced in 2014, the Bearded Vulture, France’s biggest raptor, the Desman, an endemic aquatic mammal, the Brown Bear …

Hiking in summer or winter, moving from place to place or radiating from a single base, in the heart of the national park, discovering the great Pyrenean passes by bike, Esprit parc breaks are as varied as the landscapes and biodiversity that you will be able to observe!

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Maxime SMUGA
© Maxime Smuga
Co-director of "Pyrénées Tendances"

Our work is involved in the preservation of the arae and its history because we make sure that our design reflects the area’s identity. The area is our source of inspiration, everything that surrounds us allows us to create our collections, our patterns, our products. Our approach is meaningful and responds to the needs of the territory.

Pyrénées National Park is:

A powerful, dynamic and supportive stakeholder in natural ecosystem conservation

My favourite place: 

Gavarnie Cirque

My favourite speciality: 

Cured Black Gascon pork

Vallée d'Aure dans les Pyrénées © G. Besson / Parc national de Pyrénées

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Joseph PONCE
Jospeh Ponce
Beekeeper at "the Arrensois Apiary"

In the region, the Esprit National Park brand has made it possible to keep the local economy thriving with natural products and exceptional know-how.

Pyrénées National Park is:

An eco-friendly place for the plant and animal world

My favourite place:

My valley, Azun Valley 

My favourite speciality:

Pyrenean Garbure

Vallée des Gaves - cirque de Gavarnie © Pierre Meyer - Parc national des Pyrénées

Meet each other !

Frédéric DELORD
Frédéric Delord
Mountain guide

I love this area and especially the Park as I became very attached as a youngster. For me, when the Esprit National Park brand project was developed, I was instinctively drawn to devoting my time to it.


Pyrénées National Park is:

A very beautiful place with an authentic beautiful landscape

My favourite place:

Pombie Valley coming from the Soques Stone

My favourite speciality: 

A good ewe’s milk cheese with a glass of Jurançon

Vallée d'Ossau © J. Vignasse / Parc national des Pyrénées

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