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At the gates of Marseille, the National Calanques Park provides an exceptional opportunity to discover the Mediterranean in a different way. A terrestrial and marine natural wonder, in every season it receives many visitors in search of powerful experiences in contact with nature.

From hiking along the steep crags to aquatic and subaquatic activities in one of the richest underwater canyons in the Mediterranean, together with exploring a broad range of terrains and habitats (caves, shallow seabeds, canyons…), the possibilities are infinite, very far from the traditional trio of towel, beach and parasol!

The essentials – starting out from Marseille, Cassis or La Ciotat include Frioul and its islands, the Soubeyranes Cliffs and their incredible colours, the calanques and their unique blend of land and sea, minerality and plant life….

The Calanques also include several islands, such as the Frioul archipelago or the Ile Verte, refuges for biodiversitý and endowed with cultural heritage treasures.

An exceptional terrestrial and marine, coastal and island ecosystem that has no less than 140 protected terrestrial animal and plant species and 60 heritage marine species, to the great delight of naturalists and botanists!

A specific feature of the Calanques National Park is its very rich cultural and historical heritage, which bears witness to the area’s strategic position on the shores of the Mediterranean!

Hiking boots on your feet or comfortably seated on a sailing boat, the traveller will discover, whatever your age, a land of freedom and the call of open spaces and the Mediterranean!


Meet each other !

Elodie Marie
© Elodie Marie / Reisetrip Tours
Moutain guide – "ReiseTripTour"

Through my job as a guide in the Calanques, I am lucky enough to be able to offer outings focusing on well-being that are in harmony with respect to nature and raise awareness about protecting the environment. Together we share the same ethics and common values with the National Park and the brand.

Calanques National Park is:

A fragile territory that needs protecting, in particular through educational and public information programmes  

My favourite place: 

Marseilleveyre Beach

My favourite speciality:

Garrigues syrup 

Yoga in the Calanques National Park

Meet each other !

Jean-Bernard Letemple
Portrait de Jean-Baptiste Letemple
Mountain guide

Anyone who has ever been to the Calanques Massif is bound to be touched and moved by the utter scene of this place. When I was very young I went for a walk in the Calanques, and its where I have always worked, for me it is a bit like my garden. The Calanques have quite unique landscapes, a distinct plant life, there is a certain rareness in this place. It is therefore the ideal place for the hikes that I propose.

Calanques National Park is:

A unique territory of great natural wealth

My favourite place:

Sugiton Calanques coming from Lumini

My favourite speciality: 

Aïoli, garlic mayonnaise

Jean-Baptiste LETEMPLE

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