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Lovers of breath-taking landscapes, the Mercantour is for you! By way of mountain paths, the hiker will discover panoramas with the Mediterranean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Situated close to the Mediterranean and endowed with exceptional geology, the Mercantour National Park, a candidate to become a UNESCO world heritage site, has very varied mountain landscapes including gorges, high peaks and forests. Wild and well conserved, the Mercantour is blessed with an exceptionally sunny climate throughout the year!

From sea to mountain, from 300 to more than 3000 metres in altitude, it extends over eight valleys each with its particular identity and a remarkable wealth of plant life: the Roya, Bévéra, Vésubie, Tinée, the high valleys of the Var, Cians and Verdon, and finally the Ubaye.

The naturalist can observe more than 2000 species of plants, which is nearly half of all those identified in France, some of which are only found in the Mercantour.

This land on the border with Italy is also populated by emblematic mammals such as the Wolf and Stoat, large ungulates like the Chamois and Ibex, rare birds including the Black Grouse, Golden Eagle and Bearded Vulture, together with a variety of reptiles and insects.

The discoveries to be made in the Mercantour are not only natural but also cultural, for example the Vallée des Merveilles and Fontanalba, an archaeological site that is unique in France with a history dating back almost 46 000 years and 40 000 exceptional rock engravings!

Cultural or athletic, in winter or in spring, moving from place to place or staying put, no two stays in the Mercantour are ever the same!

Meet each other !

Philippe DEJOUX
Philippe Dejoux
"Argos Voyages" 

The Mercantour has something special about it that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. There is all this wildlife and geological fruitfulness thanks to the Mediterranean and Alpine influence that the Mercantour is entitled to.

Mercantour National Park is:

An exceptional area with varied and contrasting landscapes

My favourite place:

Merveilles Valley 

My favourite speciality:

Panisse, chickpea fries

Lac du Lauzanier dans l'Ubayette à Larche © François Breton / Parc national du Mercantour

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Marc Aynié
"Rando Terres d’Azur" 

I have been hiking in the Mercantour since I was 3 years old. This area is a hiking paradise, it’s all about climbing and going up. There are many mountains where you can go the entire day without coming across anyone so on some hikes there is this very striking feeling of change of scenery and impression of being at the other side of the world.

Mercantour National Park is: 

A wilderness, very diversified and offers almost endless possibilities for hikers!

My favourite place: 

The Summit of Cheval de bois

My favourite speciality: 

Cheeses from the Brec cheese makers and Cordœil beer from the Pougnet brothers

Lac d'Allos et les Tours du Lac © Julien Charron / Parc national du Mercantour

Meet each other !

Emmanuel OUDOT
Refuge de la Cayolle © Marion Bensa / Parc national du Mercantour
Keeper of the Cayolle Refuge

I grew up here and I was brought up with nature: The National Park is an integral part of my history. Having a role in the territory, since I am a refuge keeper, I participate in its preservation and it is very pleasing. My practices are in line with the values of Esprit National Park.

Mercantour National Park is:

Stakeholder and protector of the natural heritage of the Southern Alps

My favourite place:

The Roche Trouée walk from the Sanguinière forest

My favourite speciality: 

Socca, chickpea flatbread 

Couleurs automnales depuis le hameau de Barels © Raphaëlle Charmetant / Parc national du Mercantour

In a few numbers
Mercantour National Park

11 000
Animal and plant species
5 500
Km of trails
40 000
rock engravings in the Valley of Wonders
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A place to live
Unique experiences

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